Google Agreements

For more information on products and data processing conditions, see 16.2 Google is conducting a trademark complaint about Google`s advertising business, details of which are available under Some of the software required by our APIs or included in our APIs can be provided under an open source license. Open source software licenses are separate written agreements. For some APIs, open source software is listed in the documentation. To the extent that the open source software license explicitly meets the terms, the open source license instead defines your agreement with Google for the corresponding open source software. 9.3 If you have obtained the explicit right to use these brand functions in a separate written agreement with Google, you agree that your use of these features is consistent with this Agreement, all applicable Terms provisions, and Google`s Occasionally Updated Brand Features Policies. These policies can be viewed online at address (or any other URLs that Google may provide for this purpose from time to time). Play Console – Google Play Console, . “Google” () 16.1 It is Google`s policy to respond to communications on allegations of copyright infringement that comply with applicable international intellectual property law (including the U.S.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and to terminate the accounts of repeat offenders. For more information on Google`s policies, see 20.2 The terms and conditions constitute the entire legal agreement between you and Google and regulate your use of the Services (but without all the services provided by Google under a separate written agreement) and completely replace all previous agreements between you and Google with respect to the Services. 15.1. Google will send the customer messages under the agreement by sending an email to the notification email address. The customer will send messages to Google in accordance with the agreement by sending an email to