Wix License Agreement Text

There is a well-known problem with rich text control, which is used to display the text of the license file, which can result in the text being displayed empty until the user scrolls down into the control. This is usually caused by complex RTF content (z.B the RTF generated when recording an RTF file in Microsoft Word). If you have this behavior in your configuration user interface, this will be corrected in most cases by one of the following bypasses: Please note that some Wix services are currently available in their BETA version and are subject to BETA testing. You understand and accept that some Wix services continue to contain software bugs, experience interruptions and do not work as planned or as planned. Your use of Wix services in this BETA phase means your consent to participate in such BETA testing of Wix services. By visiting our website or using our application and/or service, you enter into a legal agreement with us that consists of these Terms of Use and the Legal Terms of our additional services. You may need a license for some online video activities. It is your responsibility to verify this requirement and obtain such a license if necessary. Between you and Wix, you own all the intellectual property that refers to your user content and all the other materials you create, including designs, images, animations, videos, audio files, fonts, logos, illustrations, compositions, graphics, codes, interfaces, texts and literary works.

Wix does not claim any ownership of your content. For the sole purpose of granting you the service, please be aware that we must access, download and/or copy your users` content, including cloud services and CDNs, in order to make display adjustments, duplicate for backups, and perform all other actions and/or technical uses necessary to deliver our services, as we believe. You confirm that you own all rights to and from content that you have downloaded or provided or that have been imported, copied or downloaded by Wix Services for you, on your user platform (“user content”), including designs, images, animations, videos, audio files, fonts, logos, code, illustrations, compositions, artworks, interfaces, usernames, information that you can use to create a sub-domain name, provide text, literary works and other documents (“content”) or have full power, ownership, licenses, consents and authority, in and towards the user`s content, to the extent necessary for access, importation, copying, use, use, publication, transmission or licensing of such content , you can also indicate the text of the contract in the source file, but the previous solution seems much easier to maintain. For example, if the license field for the package section is set to GPL-3.0, the GPL-3.0 license must be generated automatically in THE RTF format. Custom licenses require a manual modification of the WiX Source (wxs) file, but licenses supported by the license field must be automatic. There are many license ids supported, so that perhaps only first support the most common used by the Rust project: Apache-2.0, MIT, and GPL-3.0.